4 Things You Should Know About Getting a Massage

Massage is meant to be therapeutic and relaxing, don’t let it become uncomfortable and unsettling by not doing your research before seeking treatment. Doing your research about your massage therapist and understanding their services sets the right expectation for a good experience. If you arrive to your massage therapist with a good grasp of how they will be assisting you, it will be beneficial for both practitioner and patient. Check out the four things every patient should know about getting a massage before booking an appointment.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Us What We Are Doing

Massage therapists are trained in both anatomy and physiology. Because of this we may refer to parts of your body in terms you do not understand, but don’t be afraid to ask us what we are talking about. We are more than happy to explain to you in layman’s terms just exactly what we parts of your body we are focusing on during your massage.

2. You Are In Control of Your Session

If you ever feel uncomfortable during a certain part of your massage, don’t worry, you are in control of the session. If you communicate clearly with us you can dictate what happens during the treatment session. During the massage, we will inform you of what we are intending to perform to each part of your body, you then must provide consent in order for the practitioner to continue. Remember, you are in control of the session.

3. Know and Communicate Your Pain Threshold

If you experience some pain or discomfort during your massage, this is not uncommon. Let your massage therapist know your pain threshold so they know when to ease up. Communicating openly is encouraged and will reduce your discomfortable or pain. Trained and licensed massage therapists understand how to work the body effectively while causing as little pain as possible. Remember, always let your massage therapist know what your pain threshold.

4. If You’re Happy, We’re Happy

The most important thing as a massage therapist is to ensure our clients receive the best care possible. We dedicate our time to making sure you get everything you want out of your massage experience. Nobody should be leaving a massage feeling unsatisfied. If the massage goes well for you, it goes well for us. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

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