Anselmo Reyes, LMT


Anselmo Reyes is a graduate of Florida College of Natural Health has training and experience  in Korean Medical Massage (Giap) internship with Dr. Hyok Kon Shim 1000 hours  1984-1986.  Giap is Korean Massage that gives energy. Qui, Chi, Gi is about opening up the channels of circulation (energy) along the Muscles.

I Started becoming interested in acupressure as a young boy watching another young boy from India perform acupressure.

My mom was always in pain and my brothers and I felt helpless as we watched her pop pill after pill and go to doctors visits that would only prescribe more medication. and little relief.

One day mom said “I think the doctors are trying to kill me! They are giving me more pills to take! I ‘m not taking any more medicine!” “No Mom, You have to take your pills to get better” we replied.

One day at age 24 I met a Vietnam Veteran which everyone knew would… “NEVER WALK AGAIN” BUT ….HE WAS WALKING AGAIN!

I was so excited I couldn’t believe my own eyes! I went in to the office that he came out of and spoke to a young man that knew us both. Wasn’t that >>>so and so that was never supposed to walk again?

Yes that’s him! Well, how is it that he is walking again I asked? “Doctor Shim fixed him!” he said.

I went into Doctor shim’s office and asked him if he could help my mother and he told me…”You could help your mother”.  I was surprised and happy at his offer to teach me. Of course I had to pay him and it took several years.

Mom did find relief within a few months of me staring and eventually came off  all of the pain medications. She was out of pain! She only needed some blood pressure medications until she was almost 86 and then she passed away! My wife and I took care of her the last two years at our home. We miss mom.

I have been Faithfully Married to Jai Hee for more than 30 years and have two wonderful children age 26 and 27

Come and visit us and try Acupressure or any of the modalities available each session is custom to your body. Your body tells me how and where to work! Yes you are wonderfully made! You are l living computer but much better than just a computer because….you have love, can think, and care for others and your body can heal itself !