Signs You May Need a Massage

How do you know if you need a massage? What tell-tale signs will your body or mind exhibit to let you know it is time to schedule a massage therapy appointment? Believe it or not, there are some key indicators most people commonly experience before they head into a massage therapy appointment. If you experience any of these signs, chances are you are ready to schedule a massage therapy appointment today.

1. Frequent Headaches

Do you experience frequent headaches? Tension headaches can occur when the muscles in your body get tight. To be more specific, when the muscles around your neck, head and back tighten up you can experience tension headaches. Seeking massage therapy for headache relief is very common, and massage isn’t just for tension headaches, it has also been proven to help those who suffer from migraines as well.

2. Chronic Stress

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? If you have, it could be time for a massage. Experiencing moderate to high amounts of stress is a good indicator you should go in for a massage therapy appointment. Massage is proven to decrease levels of stress and get you feeling relaxed and healthy again.

3. Pain in Lower Back

Lower back pain is another key indicator that maybe it is time for a massage. When you experience pain, this is the body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong with your body. A massage treatment is a great way to get you feeling one hundred percent again. The next time you start feeling pain the lower back, don’t hesitate to schedule a massage therapy appointment.

4. Trouble Sleeping

Insomnia, is yet another sign you need to get in for a massage therapy appointment. Massage therapy helps promote sleep, and if you have been experiencing restlessness, or bouts of insomnia, massage therapy is just the right thing to get you back into normal sleeping patterns.

5. Slouching when Sitting

Remember all those years of your parents telling you to sit up straight? Well, turns out they were right. Bad posture can contribute to many muscular problems. If you have a tendency to slouch, or if you sit all for many hours a day due to your job, you could be in need of massage right away. Massage therapy is great to relieve the muscle pain you may be experiencing as a result of bad posture and slouching.

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