Massage for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is no fun for anyone, and those with osteoarthritis can experience pain, stiff joints, decreased mobility and minor to major swelling of the tissue surrounding the joints. Although it can be hard to find a ton of ways to manage the pain that comes with osteoarthritis, massage therapy has been proven to help alleviate arthritic pain and strengthen your flexibility and mobility.

Scientific studies have been conducted that determine massage therapy is indeed effective in relieving arthritic pain. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that massage has multiple benefits for patients with osteoarthritis. These benefits run the gamut, from improved circulation to relief from muscular tension.

Massage therapy is known to create a calm and relaxed state within both a person’s mind and body. This relaxed state has rejuvenative properties for those experiencing any type of physical or emotional pain, it has even been documented that receiving massage therapy appointments can block certain pain signals from the brain.

Those with osteoarthritis can have trouble sleeping, performing physical activity, may experience fatigue throughout the day and have serious trouble trying to complete everyday tasks. Massage therapy treatments can be the answer to all of these problems. In order to find out more about how massage therapy can treat the pain you experience from osteoarthritis, reach out and ask me today!

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