Chair Massage Tampa

Chair Massage Tampa

Highly stressed employees can now receive Chair massage Tampa Florida. Acupressure MLD Massage LLC offers chair massage that is unlike other traditional chair massage in Tampa Florida . Acupressure massage therapy balances the tension of the muscles while activating acupuncture points.

Muscles are massaged to the correct tension . Your body is much like a stringed instrument the muscles need to be tuned to have the correct tension. For Example: If the muscles are tighter on the right side of your back it will pull your posture to the right! If the muscles in your shoulders are tighter than the other muscles, it can pull your shoulder out of place or give you pain!

Every massage is custom designed for each person’s unique strain’s, pains, and problems. Get outstanding results quickly and safely .

Micro tears from accidents, strains, sprains catch onto dead cellular materials and debris from the blood. This will cause your muscles to stiffen, and knot up. These areas are called acupuncture points or tender points . These need to be released with some type of massage or other areas begin to form in related areas.This type of chair massage is very specific and not a general “tickle massage”

These acupuncture points and tender points lack circulation of blood and energy and nourishment  When these points are properly worked on the toxins such as dead cellular materials are cleared from the points on the muscles. The muscles are stretched to the correct tension. Toward the end of the chair massage, I will finish off with a delightful MLD massage. The results of the above massage are cumulative, healing and lasting!

Chair Massage Tampa Saves employees and employers time and money:

  • Relieves tension

  • Relieves Pain

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces number of sick days

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves Range of Motion

  • Headaches decrease in number and intensity.

If you are interested in chair massage Tampa I will come to your location.

Also available is :

Table Massage is usually done  fully Clothed  with Acupressure and Manual Lymphatic Massage and is also delightful and relaxing can cover most acupuncture points with a one hour table massage.

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