Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Massage is an oriental  Medical Massage.

Acupressure Massage does not require the removal of one’s clothing; although clothing from some areas may need to be removed in order to examine the skin for certain conditions which necessitate consideration during the massage such as Cysts, Edemas, Dermatofibromas, etc.

Acupressure Massage is just one of a number of Asian bodywork therapies with roots in Chinese medicine.  Used for thousands of years, Chinese specialties include Qigong and Tui Na.  The Korean version is called Giap, while the more well known Japanese version is called Shiatsu.  Regardless of the version used, acupressure has been proven from ancient times to be extremely effective in relieving a plethora of problems and maladies.

The focus of Acupressure Massage Therapy is to restore health and balance to the body’s channels of energy and to regulate opposing forces with the body.

Traditional Chinese medical theory has defined what we call Acupoints (or Acupressure Points), and Energy Meridians.  Together these are constructed to form a sophisticated auto-diagnostic system throughout our skin and muscles.  These too, are the basis for Acupuncture Therapy.  However, unlike Acupuncture, in activating and stimulating the Acupoints and Meridians Acupressure Massage does not involve the use of needles in the process of stretching and balancing the muscles in restoring balance.

The Acupoints and Meridians of each individual are unique, so their activation and stimulation will vary from person to person. An experienced, professional Acupressure Therapist knows how to precisely read one’s individual Acupoints and Meridians and personalizes therapy as each individual needs.  Your body tells the therapist where to press and hold.  The results of Acupressure Massage are cumulative with the benefits of reduced stress and improved health!

Western medical practitioners, although not denying the effectiveness of Acupressure Therapies, do often shrug off the principles of the Acupressure Therapy disciplines, generally attributing their effectiveness to other elements of massage, such as improved circulation or endorphin stimulation.

The sophisticated design of the human body is an amazing tribute to a loving and very intelligent creator!


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