Major Chronic Pain

Wow!! I am not sure what all to say!! Anselmo is remarkable!!! Due to a major motor cycle accident 20 years ago I have been dealing with major chronic pain and have tried everything imaginable for even a minimal time of some kind of relief… This gentleman and his remarkable ways has me totally impressed… I want to clone him and take him back to Canada with me….

I agree with the testimonials about how amazing and not your average therapist Anselmo is; he found problems that I hadn’t even voiced to anyone in years and started working on them… Due to seeing and using so many different techniques over the years; this is the first in forever to make me feel some kind of relief to be able to walk my dog in comfort… To feel that something good is happening to me is more than I can even imagine… Thank you Anselmo and Jay!!
Love you guys…

Jenny S. visiting from Canada