Chronic Aching

I questioned the legitimacy of a massage therapist working in a flea market environment. Pleasantly, I can report that Zen music in the lobby, aromatherapy candles, and Chi color schemes aren’t present here, nor am I paying for it.

A friend had mentioned how much Anselmo had helped her using acupressure as a treatment method, and for me, other treatments for chronic aching in my arm had little lasting effect, so I made a leap of faith and gave it a try.
It became obvious and apparent that acupressure massage was correcting the source of my ailment, rather than masking or treating symptoms alone.

Anselmo was able to identify and correctly treat the root causes, and the sustained relief from nagging pain was welcome after acupressure therapy.

Different, and better in my opinion.

Several follow-up sessions have virtually eliminated the chronic aspect of the pain.
Both Anselmo and Jai have been terrific, and know that my time has been well spent.