Pain, Asthma

Hi everyone,

I want to tell you what miracle for me, and my husband to have come in
contact with Ancelmo Reyes and his life changing Accupressure Massage. The
day I met him I could hardly walk, and I was in very severe pain – after
the massage, I could immediately walk with just a little pain and for the
next few days I continued walking better and better, and the pain was
dramatically reduced, to the point where I had almost no pain at all, which
was a miracle for me since I have had moderate to severe pain every day for
many years.

My husband has moderate to severe asthma, he had been taking several
respiratory inhalation treatments daily, which only eased his breathing for
short spans of time, then Anselmo gave him an Accupressure Massage, after
which he was able to breathe without difficulty and he was able to stop the
inhalation treatments, another miracle I would say. Thank you Anselmo.