Lower back pain

I have always respected the usefulness and legitimacy of massage therapy. However, I never sought it out…until recently, when I heard about the massage services Anselmo provides. After suffering sharp pains in my lower-back, hip, and quadricep area, as well as other areas of tension in my shoulders, I was in need of some serious help. I was SO happy to find out about the work that Anselmo performs and, from the very first session, felt that the massage therapy was of GREAT help. I was particularly pleased to not only receive the benefits of massage techniques that were gradually and increasing tailored to my needs, but also to learn WHY the massage was helping me so much. Anslemo does a wonderful job of providing a relaxing atmosphere that is silent and calming, but yet also finds moments to explain WHY he massages certain pressure points or releases a specific muscle. He thus acts as both massage therapist and educator and, through each session, helps his patients gain greater self-awareness about how to improve and maintain their body’s physical condition and overall well-being. – S. Palmer